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by alex lee

New Hampton High School



The piece “Maria” is a very special piece for me. She is a friend who is from Plüderhausen, Germany that I met during my time studying as a sophomore in New Hampton School. She used to take a lot of selfies on my phone, and her selfies on my phone were what I was inspired from.

The piece was painted with watercolor on paper, the reason why I chose watercolor is because it is easier to express feelings with. I used colors that are very vibrant in order to show the energy inside her. However, I used water to express the feeling of emptiness without her in my daily life.


alex lee

Jae Bin (Alex) Lee is a student from Seoul, South Korea who studies Art and Design at New Hampton School. Jae Bin studies various fields including interior design, fine arts, fashion, and fabric design. He tries to make the world a better place with art that can express his feelings honestly, and design things that can make everyone’s life easier because he believes that everyone shouldn’t have any problem living because they are different.