2 poems

by Alexandra Surprenant

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences

Melting Midnight

A woman lies here,
bare in the crackling
beam of a rusted lamp.
Cobwebs and paint cans,
hot candlelight melts on her face;
wax pours from its wick while the roof drips rain.
A women lies here, and gooey shadows rest
beneath her breast,
the night below the moon.

In The Winter

In the winter I lay my restless limbs
on the bone-dry ground and grow roots
stretching to the icy core of this earth.

Bark pale as moonlight twists
into my spine, braiding a thick trunk.
Wind whistles through the hollows of my wood.

Soon my eyes flutter to a close, inky night heavy
on my eyelids
in the winter I am


Alexandra Surprenant

Alexandra Surprenant is a High School student in California and enjoys playing soccer and spending time in nature. This is her first published work, but Alex writes often in her spare time and in her Creative Writing class at school.