1 poem

by Andrew Schenkus

Detroit Catholic Central High School

Sonnet for Reconciling

Our Saturday night talks bring memories,
about the part of us that is gone.
I’m numb through all of the obsequies,
They seem to me so dry and drawn-out.  

Would you ponder upon returning,
if I managed to sweeten the pot?
Or is the bridge already burning,
have lines already been too far crossed? 

What made you decide to go away?
Was it me? Could I have made such a mistake?
You’ll be honest, won’t you? I’ve changed.
I swear, your name I’ll no longer disgrace.

The back door I’ll leave ajar,
just in case you feel you’ve gone too far.


Andrew Schenkus

Andrew Schenkus is a senior at Detroit Catholic Central High School. His love for literature has only grown in the past four years and will continue to grow in his upcoming college career. He focuses on the chaotic nature of the mind and emotions in his writing.