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by Anna Epstein

Mamaroneck High School

Man in the Mirror


The image captures light with a particular emphasis on detailed repetition created by a cracked mirror. The name β€œMan in the Mirror,” is based on the combined ambiguity of how people perceive themselves through an abstract reflection, as well as a more literal translation of what created the base imagery for the piece, a silhouette in a mirror. The composition of mixed focus emphasizes the line and color abstraction that is created from a simple configuration of lines and colors that form a figure. Repetition is used purposely to create room for interpretation to the viewer. This photograph was originally taken as part of a series that experimented with how varying light sources and mirror fragments shift the composition of originally simple details.

Anna Epstein

Anna Epstein is a student at Mamaroneck High School. Drawn to the darkroom at age 11, she followed her curiosity into digital photography and editing. While she studies photography, she also freelances and works to expand her school's arts program.