1 poem

by camryn morrow

School for Creative and Performing Arts


When she comes I will be ready.
Pansy and Viola,
Velour Frosted Chocolate.

I hope I am like wine
and that I get better with age
because today I am no good.

The men,
they only come to leave,
running from women without a sharp tongue.

Choked up with vinegar and salt,
I still see God in your hips,
and with boys who ran across
the folds of your waist,
who fell in,
yet still not out.

A house that is not a home
and she will be welcome,
but not a doormat.
I still need to learn the difference.


Camryn morrow

Camryn Morrow is a first year student at the University of Cincinnati where she majors in Sociology. Camryn has a strong passion for education and hopes to integrate the arts within academics. She uses her writing as protest towards inclusion and access for underrepresented populations.