1 poem

by Casey Epstein-Gross

Leon High School

Envy is the Cowardly Woman’s Love

the world is cruel but I am crueler
I whisper to myself, a mantra you taught me,
boots stepping heel toe heel toe on the gravel
my murder eyes look more nightmarish than proud
hubris looks good on women
and it's such a shame I have none  

I watch you at the sink with your red undereyes
and your perfected indignant glare, the air
of fire floating around you, leaving a trail of
scotch & gold in your wake
I stare at you for too long, and I spend most
of those five minutes convincing myself that it is
with jealousy and not love
that I watch you

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Casey Epstein-Gross

Casey Epstein-Gross is a writer and student from Tallahassee, Florida. Her poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Chaleur Magazine, Raw Art Review, and Rare Byrd Review. She was recently awarded a Progressive Leadership Award for Community Advocates by the National Leadership Council for Tallahassee.