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by Koo Yeong Joo

GyeongBuk Foreign High School

Lie Eat Tree

After Frances Hardinge

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Human Instinct, their Relationship and Emotions we fell. These three elements are what I usually try to reflect in drawings and paintings.

The upper side is Truth and it only comprised 1/10 of the whole tree. That's because the Truth is disgusting and ugly to accept it, completely. In case of Society, it can be Me-Too Movement. People clearly know it, but they ignore. However, some of them pluck up courage to tell the truth and finally, we perceive what's Wrong and Right. The blank face represents it; Truth can be different as their cases.

Under the trees. it's totally the opposite. False take possesses every place in Society. Dirty lies are connected to other lies and eventually blended under the trees. Every word has their colors and they hide in the tree. See Carefully the roots. It mixed with a variety of colors and shallow. Near the trees, leaves are filled with hope, desire and despair with blended but individually. And Falling. Purple has a lot of meanings in countries, here are Wealth and Honor. What does that mean? Also, the Moon. For me, a Moon is like a Wall. Every wall has ears.

I want people to recognize what they are doing now and effect on society. Be truthful to YOURSELF and be confident in yourself. Thanks to a book named "Lie Eat Tree" by Frances Hardinge, I can think up those ideas, Truth and False and Imaginations. If you get something in here, then it's good for you. Only for this time think as children so as possible as find a great deal of things to stir your emotion and world.

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Koo Yeong Joo

I'm a future traveler and always try to think to tinder myself with arts. Since I draw, I felt my mind was calm and happier than before. Due to it, in the coming days I want to study art therapy with psychology so that help people that get stressed from their workplace, school and in the family. Pablo Picasso said, "Art washes from the soul dust of everyday life."