2 photographs

by Marie e. LaConte


Loon launch

A photograph is a symbol for a particle of time. It is an instant within an existence, a stolen second along a continuum that was never meant to be disrupted. It is silence within sound, equilibrium within vertigo, form without function. It is ultimately a fossil, and sometimes a fraud, because it portrays a scene that no longer exists. 
— Marie E. LaConte


Blush of blue

In spite of that reality, some photographs impart bits of truth or stunning beauty that remain fresh and valid no matter how many times one views them. These are the images I seek, admire and try to produce.
— Marie E. LaConte


Marie E. Laconte

Marie LaConte has been interested in various art forms her whole life. Photography is currently taking its turn as a passion. She also enjoys creative writing and knitting. She is finally retired from a career as a Clinical Laboratory Scientist, and is happily spending more time with her art and four young grandchildren. From her home in the Milwaukee area, she runs up North to her family cottage for long weekends during the summer and fall. She displays much of her photography on Flickr: PhotoArtMarie