1 poem

by Lauren Rice


i can, i can’t

I can’t do this
and I will never think for one second that
everything will be okay
in reality, that’s not true
“There’s no hope”
someone might say
and I believe that
is not a lie
is difficult and confusing but
the world
will still ignore me and
won’t help me when I’ve fallen
don’t think that someone
will always be there for me
because I know that people
tear me down
and no one can even
tell me to try again
you must
believe me when I say that
I have given up
and I will never think that
I can stand
I can’t handle it
and don’t even tell me that
I can do this

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lauren rice

Lauren Rice is a writer, reader, pianist, and student. She received first place for a children’s book contest which gave her the title of published author in 2014. She is a recent high school graduate and is currently attending The Pennsylvania State University in Erie as a nursing student. “I Can, I Can’t” is meant to be read line-by-line from top to bottom and then bottom to top.