1 poem

by Luke Brusstar

Detroit Catholic Central High School


My brow is drenched
as I juggle plates.
The audience’s glares
create a barrage.
I am their monkey.
On command, I will dance. 

Though I wear a rugged grin,
my mind is a house
thrashed by inferno.
As I catch each dish,
my hands lose feeling.
As spotlights shine,
I am blinded. 

Maybe I’ll collapse,
watch the china shatter.
The crowd will gasp,
but I’ll cackle,
lying on my back.
Even Atlas
couldn’t carry this weight.


Luke Brusstar

Luke Brusstar is a high school junior at Detroit Catholic Central. His passion for writing was ignited through his Creative Writing class, which he chose as a last-minute decision. Since he began writing poetry, Luke has found it a useful tool in expressing his fascinations with the often mundane world.