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by Maya Castronovo

Verona Area High School



My image, “Bubblegum,” was taken last September when I was shooting a film for my high school video class. Titled “Strawberry Afternoons,” my film is a homage to Wes Anderson; I attempted to recreate his film style with distinct camera movement and a limited color palette. This image, as well as all of the shots in “Strawberry Afternoons,” required post-production color editing to achieve a more nostalgic, retro effect. The image is meant to be a study in contrast between childhood innocence and a more uncertain future. The girl’s cheerful clothing and bubble gum are juxtaposed with her more knowing expression as well as the melancholy implications of the fence as a limitation.

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Maya castronovo

Maya Castronovo is a senior at Verona Area High School. She is interested in filmmaking and photojournalism. Her photo, "Bubble Gum," was taken during the production of one of Maya's short films. This year, she hopes to continue filmmaking while also pursuing her interest in photography.