1 poem

by miracle thornton

Interlochen Arts Academy

on the cliff edge,

is where you find her.

hooked by her toes,
her arms out-stretched to

a callow wingspan.

she is going to fall
& the inevitability is

exhilarating. you have a hand
where the blades contract

a hip at the sacrum.

her breath bends with the
current              a chest carved

by sea salt.

your finger slips to the pit
between her clavicles,

feeling for the ocean’s
pulse. she unfurls her vacant

wings & you have a chance

to catch her. to have a flat palm
at the breastbone        a steady

grip         audacity. this is where
pride is mistaken for devotion,

honesty & where you’re acquiescence

kills her              the flightless bird,
rapt by the wind           tenderfoot

& in a breath

she falls.


miracle thornton

Miracle Thornton is sophomore Creative Writing major at Interlochen Arts Academy, MI. She is from a small town where she lives with her four siblings and four cats. Miracle’s work in poetry can be described as an exploration of power, a subject that has leaked incrementally into her fiction.