1 poem

by Natalia gorecki

William Fremd High School

On My Friend Jacqui

Her smile is not a graceful dollop of paint
smeared across a face, but a comet
slashing through the sky.
Not a “shooting star” but a meteorite
headed to collide with anything in its way,
drenched in flame.
She’s got rocks you find by the lake for eyes,
dark and mossy, specks of history laced through them
and she has a laugh like the brass section of an orchestra, parts inside her
clanking, broke, but still producing a sound sure to grab
you by the ears and shake you until the coins
fall out of your pockets.


Natalia gorecki

Natalia Gorecki is a junior at William Fremd High School. Some of her other poetry has been published in Body Without Organs Literary Journal. She writes poetry about love, hate, and everything in between.