2 poems

by Robert Dedvukaj

Detroit Catholic Central High School

A Child of McQueen

Has the world changed?
Cotton has abdicated
the throne to silk.
Teal is the new sheik,
blue has gone astray.
We now see fortune tellers
reading our futures on price tags. 

Do I feel soft?
The cloth brushes
your skin.
I rise
as she kicks
me up.
You feel warm.
My existence pressed
against yours.
But I can’t take
the pressure. 

Breaking at the seams,
I burst.
Is that wine, blood, or tears?
It all looks the same to me.

Ursa Major

Will you be there
like you always have?
When the hunger
is for you. When I thirst for
love. When I am lost in
life, not just a mall.
When the crying is

I do not fear.
With you I have asylum.
My open hands met
with your soothing touch, a kiss
on the nose.

A love like no other.
You comfort me when
I am afraid. You cultivate
the fruit of your labors,
and I am sweeter for it.


Robert Dedvukaj

Robert Dedvukaj is a junior at Detroit Catholic Central High School. When he is not writing poetry, Robert is usually studying for Quiz Bowl or playing video games. He wants to pursue majors in Psychology and Philosophy as well as a law degree. In the future, Robert wants to be a judge or some other government official.