1 poem

by tim j brennan

toward bob dylan

Once something gets in the wind,
it will never get out. It will follow
across a country

               through dreary cities,
windblown girls & breezy guys.
Grass will be replaced by smoke
and only the rich will be in love
with their past.

                                  Most of us
would rather forget such things.
Remembering is an occurrence
for those who want nothing else.

Besides, what good are birches
except to remind someone how
much they once loved trees?


Tim J Brennan’s

poetry can be found in nice places, including The Bitchin’ Kitch, Sleet, Talking Stick, Twig, The Lake (U.K.) & KAXE public radio. Brennan’s one act plays have been staged across the country, including productions in Milwaukee, Colorado Springs, Gulf Shores, White Bear Lake, Bloomington & Chicago IL, and most recently in Ypsilanti, Michigan.