By Tommy Wiaduck

Detroit Catholic Central High School


Stop, breathe.
Examine your surroundings,
absorb the atmosphere.
Close your eyes,
breathe with the wind.
Taste the dry air on your tongue,
swallow. Feel the breeze
brush against your cheek.
In, out. In, out.
Listen for the sounds in
the silence, quiet but lurking.
The way the dog used to
bark at the mailman, or the way
the toy truck rumbled on
kitchen floors.
Slow motion, frame by frame.
Ocean waves crashing,
Forest leaves falling.


Tommy Wiaduck

Tommy Wiaduck is a high school senior at Detroit Catholic Central High School. His passion for creative writing is still developing, but was created in his Creative Writing class. Tommy finds his inspiration in mundane, day-to-day things. In his future, he hopes to continue his writing and travel.