1 poem

by Tyler lee

Lord Selkirk Regional Comprehensive Secondary School

screaming in the rain

you still ghost me, haunting my
the water that boils my brain, makes me
hallucinate on l’oréal, sinking into my scalp.
silver faucet eyes.
             entertain me with a plethora of dancing hell, the
             northern lights.

purples and greens of insanity
and insomnia perform before
me in a light show. steaming my skin, at itching red.
scratching open sores, leading directly
to my train of thought,
                                        derailed and violently jarring.
bubble eyed and irritated, i sit on the tub floor and sulk
into porcelain, waiting for the fan timer to
run to inexistence. enclose me
in the shower curtain.
choked with aqua and lime polka dots, force
me to swallow them, dissolve
and make me fucking sane.
                                                     ghost, guzzling spirits
                                                     like it’s lemon-aid to
                                                     cope with your image
                                                     that won’t leave my
                                                     eyes, or my desk drawer.


tyler lee

Tyler Lee is a High School Student in Selkirk, Manitoba Canada and currently works at an assisted care home as a dietary aid. Tyler has not yet had a formal magazine publish his work, however he has had poetry published in the school literary magazine, Mercy Street. Tyler enjoys writing and one day hopes to convert many of the themes within his poetry into music. Tyler focuses on describing feelings and emotion through images.